Weekend Reading Roundup

Weekend Reading Roundup

I’m consistently amazed at the plethora of great writing.  This week is no different.  Enjoy!

An Evening in Wonderland (thereformedbroker) – Plain and simple, this is one of the coolest insider posts I’ve ever read about investing.

Just Own the Damn Robots (thereformedbroker) – “For the last fifty years, we’ve invested for retirement. For the last two or three years, we might be investing for a whole other reason. What price is too high to pay for a company’s stock if the company spends every waking minute trying to replace you?  So what else is left to do? Just own the damn robots.”

The Theory of Maybes (collaborativefund) “Accepting that investing is made up of both precise facts and theories of maybes is the hardest thing for investors to grasp.”

When You Change the World and Nobody Notices (collaborativefund) “Wilbur and Orville Wright conquered flight on December 17th, 1903. Few inventions were as transformational over the next century. It took four days to travel from New York to Los Angeles in 1900, by train. By the 1930s it could be done in 17 hours, by air. By 1950, six hours.”

New IRS Contribution Limits for 2018 (darrowwealthmanagement)

5 Essential Estate Planning Documents (peterlazaroff) – “There are five documents that you should consider regardless of your age, health, and wealth.”

The Law of Reversed Effort (dpegan) – “In most areas of life putting in more effort means achieving a better outcome.  The harder and more consistently you exercise, the fitter you get. The more hours you put in studying, the better your grades.  Of course there are a few, very unusual areas where the opposite rule holds. Aldous Huxley’s called this “The Law of Reversed Effort”.”

Bill Miller’s 3Q 2017 Market Letter (millervalue) – “We have believed that there has been a very large gap between perceived and real risk since this bull market began and that just being and staying long stocks that in general have above market volatility—and hence above market perceived risk—would be a rewarding strategy.”

Echoes of the Black Monday Crash of ’87 (bloomberg) – “Most of the underlying factors that drove that meltdown were very different from today’s market structure.”

The Taste Gap (chenmarkcapital) – “The only way you can get better is by sucking and then learning exactly how you suck and then sort of trying to like, ok well, what if I do it different this time, you know?  There’s no other way.”


From One Percent Decisions:

DIY Financial Planning Issues – “But owning an index fund does not make you a do-it-yourselfer.  It just means you have a low-cost portfolio.”

I Wish I Started Earlier – “If there is one thing that virtually everyone agrees on financially speaking, it’s that they wish they started planning for their finances earlier.”

Why I’ve Become Politically Agnostic – “Independent thought requires you to actually think.  Stop seeking affirmation.  Seek information.  Seek to learn.  Seek to think.  Seek to challenge your assumptions.”

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